November 2017 Regional Residential Statistics

Check out this November’s Regional Residential Statistics, RLP Market Updates, and Monthly Trend by Market. Year to date, unit sales are down 13.2% across the region, but average sales price rose 20.2%. With 2.4 months of supply, we are heading back into a balanced market.
     Niagara on the Lake’s average sale price soared to 29.9% YTD, while unit sales fell 19.6%.
     Niagara Falls saw a 22.7% decrease in unit sales, and a 16.4% increase in average sale price.
     Fort Erie’s average sale price rose 27.3%, and unit sales fell 19.2%.
     St Catharines unit sales decreased 9.5%, but overall sales prices increased 22.4%.
     Thorold had a 4.9% decrease in unit sales, and a 25.8% increase in average sale price.
     Pelham, and Port Colborne each saw year-to-date decreases in their total unit sales, but 21%+ increase in average sale price.
     Welland’s average sale price went up 25%, and total unit sales fell 14.7%.
     Lincoln saw a slight increase in unit sales at 0.3%, and a 17.3% increase in average sale price.
     West Lincoln’s average sale price increased 26.9%, though unit sales fell 4.6%.
     Grimsby saw a decrease of 17.1% in total unit sales, but an increase of 24.4% in average sale price year-to-date.
     Dunnville’s average sale price increased 28.8% over last year, and unit sales stayed the same.

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